The setup complains that it cannot find a compatible disk to install on. Define the content of the pm-notification here. And Asus messed up too, the JMicron controller is a pain in the The time now is Take the Intel RST driver v No problems there, I’m already used to it.

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Skill Information and Support G. I think I must have not expressed myself clearly enough.

Regards Dieter alias Fernando. First of all, sorry about the delay. No problems there, I’m already used to it. It seems my memory sticks don’t like to be told the speeds to work in Wasn’t following so don’t know what sounded weird: If i can’t solve this issue i cannot see me upgrading which is a shame.

Thanks for the info.

Unable to install Vista with AHCI on Asus p5B Deluxe | Overclockers UK Forums

I’ll let you ahck how it went after burning something, ok? I’m just lost on this one I’ll just try it like it is, if I have any problems I’ll take it from there. So, I went the easy way: The “I’ll let awus know how it went after burning something, ok? In fact, now I couldn’t even manually suspend withou having a 3-non-post failed overclocking error message.


If you delete JMicron controller from dev.

This is what you can do to improve your system and make it fit for the future: Topic settings Print view. What do you mean with “old RST”? Would they even function in a “true” SATA environment? Now the whole properties page is greyed out Is there a problem with something? Hmpf, lousy OEM sticks Up to a few boot cycles ago, every time I tryed there was an Event logged saying “the driver” disabled it. I’ve already started another thread with more detailed information and in the correct sub-forum about it, let’s see if someone can help me.

Unable to install Vista with AHCI on Asus p5B Deluxe

Why did you install the modded version of the Intel RST driver v I’d like to ask you a possibly easy question. Maybe the Catalyst drivers or any service related to that I disabled? When i installed using the raptor the install went through no problem – didn’t even need to load drivers.

Driver for Intel R Series Chipset.


Good news is, I burned a CD this afternoon and it went smoothly. Zitat von backora19 im Beitrag 1 I’d like to ask you a possibly easy question. Well nice to hear, guess I’ll see you around when some new weird issue arises, as they allways do in the pc world. I simply don’t know which drivers to install to make this work Feb 1, at 8: Btw i have also tried connecting to both the black and red SATA connectors on the board – but no difference.

At one time, I had a list of around 8 different drivers to install latest oficial, plus two recent ones directly from JMicron’s website – one of them downloaded only a few hours ago I had to return the controller to IDE configuration and manually install the “Standard Dual Channel IDE Controller” to get it working again