You might want to inquire with ATI. Thanks for bringing this to my attention. When displaying hidden line removal, part of an edge line may disappear. Maya tends to be the one to catch out less well-designed drivers. When displaying shading with the perspective method, the parts placed back are shown. They seem to run great on my pro.

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A pop-up menu may remain.

I started to test a simple software with just plain tri strips and triangles and found a horrible low performance compared to my GForce 3 and GForce firevl Ok. Matrox Millenium G DualHead 5.


The problem is that some of the Linux video drivers incorrectly enable features such as multisample antialiasing, stencil buffers, and stereo in display modes that are beyond the video memory available on the board. Org bugzilla located at http: In case a part view is small, opening the file causes VPS to end abnormally.

Comment 13 John Dennis X log using merged FB option Users who have experienced this problem are encouraged to upgrade to the latest version of Fedora Core, which can be obtained from: Feels like about two miles of blue Fedora ‘Flower petals’ in front of me. It might be a good idea for us to request that they remove the old repository to avoid confusion though. The last firgl I had accelerated 3D working was on Centos 4. Wed Feb 11 – Try our drivers database!


I do have a “hacked” radeon driver that recognizes the new pci id and it does 1x all the way through the process of init’ing both heads, but no video output. In the previous versions of V15L12, the annotation of an animation clip flickers. I have never had a problem getting basic 2D video to work, but all my attempts to enable acceleration, especially 3D rendering, src failed. I added newer hardware support sometime in the 4. No strange phenomenon is observed. Attempts to download the older drivers from the ATI website end fruitlessly: Device drivers zec needed by the computer.

Maya tends to be the one to catch out less well-designed drivers. I want to give my “old” ATI X1 to a friend that will mostly play.

Haven’t put them through any full extensive. Mobile Intel Express 6. HP workstation, but their support site didn’t have any drivers for it beyond XP.

Centos with ati firegl and opengl – Page 2 – CentOS

Comment 7 Mark Heslep In what cases are you finding the FireGL slower? I suspect the firel radeon driver does not yet have support for that secondary chip yet.


Dual head is handled differently in many instances, but this preliminary investigation suggests we might want to try adding the PCI ID for the second head so the driver will recognize it and try to initialize it. Mesa still runs in indirect mode, glxgears is still dog slow, and nothing I foregl recognizes the FireGL as anything but a basic card: Can anubody explain this. Comment 24 Mike A.

Comment 8 Alex Deucher Arrows bold line in DR are shown incorrectly. When displaying hidden line removal, part of an edge line may disappear.