Comment 2 Dan Williams In the previous versions of V15L12, the annotation of an animation clip flickers. Confirm the details before you introduce computers because failures have been found in some products. We also just tried the suggestions from Allen agd5f but it was not successful. I suspect the current radeon driver does not yet have support for that secondary chip yet. An application error may occur in the joint setting dialog.

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It this driver related. Comment 3 Dan Williams When replaying a path, the display flickers. I believe agd5f yahoo. Comment 7 Mark Heslep Comment 4 Dan Williams Comment 8 Alex Deucher Comment 23 Mike A.

I get about 1 M TRI per second?? Comment 6 John Dennis Comment 20 Mark Heslep Comment 16 Michael J. Add the following to your xorg. In the previous versions firegll V15L12, the annotation of an animation clip flickers. I have just confirmed other results on better HW and on other data sets.


Ati firegl x1 ati installation manual. The part placed back may src selected instead of the part picked. If your graphics card had a 65,x65, resolution display, VMD would work just fine on it. Once you’ve filed your bug report to X. Same thing happens after the install when trying to start X.

Can Catalyst drivers be used for ATI FireGL X1

If you are having problems with your. I started to test a simple software with just plain tri strips and triangles and found a horrible low performance compared to my GForce 3 and GForce 4 Ok.

Mobile Intel Express 6. TI’s current workstation-class 3D graphics accelerators – dubbed X1 – are the you need a card dedicated to the purpose, and ATI claims the X is it.

Comment 24 Mike A. After creating a new reference face in the state that a section view is shown, nothing is displayed on the section view.

You wec have tried it? I just downloaded them from ATI’s site and installed them. Dual head is handled differently in many instances, but this preliminary investigation suggests we might want to try firetl the PCI ID for the second head so the driver will recognize it and try to initialize it.


X log using merged FB option I tried getting the 8. When displaying shading with the perspective method, the parts placed back are shown.

Can Catalyst drivers be used for ATI FireGL X1 | guru3D Forums

The last time I had accelerated 3D working was on Centos 4. Removed the compiled vertex array extension and I aati 2. Attempts to download the older drivers from the ATI website end fruitlessly: I click on the link and nothing downloads.