Retrieve the total number of pending executions for a project. What might cause the error “Error: Failover is required, but not possible because: Is the only supported reporting tool the one by InetSoft? Can I copy a project in Issue Manager so that the new project will inherit the configured settings of the original project? Connection error when generating a canned BIRT report. Where are my attachments stored after upgrade to Issue Manager 4.

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Null” Dialog when trying to save changes to a test container. How do I create a data source that connects to an access database?

The format of the URI could jysql be determined”? For this exercise, it’s easiest to type in the SQL statement directly. Restricting access to Inboxes for Users. Let’s preview the results so far by clicking on the Preview tab at the bottom of the report design.

How do I resolve this? Why does SilkCentral Test Manager report that my execution server is “Active” even though the machine is down?

Back up the transaction log for the database to free up some log space. Link feature in SilkCentral Test Manager.


When I try to delete the issue profile, I get the error that it is in use. How can I overcome the error “Failure invoking SilkTest executable. In the “Reports” module, several of the standard reports do not return the correct results in the “Data” tab including missing values. Next we’ll create a new BIRT report in the project we just created. What does the “Time Left” field in the execution window represent? Why are there red exclaimation marks in front of my execution definitions since I upgraded?

How can this be resolved? How can I create a report containing a list of users logging in and out? How can the amount of detail within the SilkCentral TestManager log files be increased?

Expand the zip file into a convenient location.

BIRT reporting Programming Tutorial for beginners

Are there any known issues in SilkCentral Test Manager ? Unable to import the requirements correctly from Word document containing unicode characters. Unknown environment name requested.

In Silk Bjrt Test Manager, if I create a folder in a testplan that contains more than 70 testcases, why can it not be deleted? How can I rename a project in Issue Manager after it has been created? Is there a way to improve the performance of the refresh in SilkCentral TestManager?


At this point we have our blank report ready for us to start designing. Adding an attribute to a Project via the Web Services. Is it possible to share a single “Component” list across more than one product in SilkCentral Virt Manager? SilkCentral Test Manager Post Your Answer Discard By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies.

Rex File” is shown under additional execution information, how can it be resolved?

BIRT reporting Programming Tutorial for beginners

No SMTP service running on “mailserver. I am running SilkCentral Test Manager 8. Why are my executions defintions failing to connect to my Lab Manager execution server?

Is it possible to remove a link between two issues after it has been created? When I change the value of a default Issue Type why is the change subsequently not reflected in the Workflow?