Add to Watch list Add to wish list. Printing Rates The specifications state that the Blazer prints braille text at 15 characters per second. This printer can print on a single sheet, in continuous forms, and on plastic. At other times, the printer would stop several lines below the bottom of the paper and advance the page. Included with the embosser are a parallel cable, standard AC power cord, braille and print manuals, some paper to get you started, and two 3. Maximum carriage width of

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Product Evaluation

A braille manual can be printed from the Blazer’s memory. The braille on the plastic was of equal sharpness and consistency with the braille printed on paper.

If you type and press Enter, your text is printed using the U. To go ahead with the total reset, press the three buttons again.

Braille Blazer Embosser

The files were two full pages of only the letter A 1 braille dot with no spaces, two pages of full cells all six dotstwo pages of an article about Brooklyn from the Seattle Timesand two pages from the beginning of the American Standard Bibleformatted to have a lot more blank space than the Brooklyn article. When you release the buttons, the Braille Blazer voice asks you if it is okay to reset. The Porta-Thiel The Porta-Thiel weighs 10 pounds and measures 15 inches wide by 10 inches deep by 4 inches high at its highest point.


The Blazer can print 6- or 8-dot braille and graphics and can print sideways. However, the printer is so loud that it is not realistic to try to do much computer work while printing.

Both are compact and portable. Download the free AccessWorld app. If you want to change a value, press the form feed button the form feed button means “change”.

There is no tractor-feed device to control the paper feed. Only one function seems to require two-handed operation—the sequence that allows the configuration menus to be braulle embossed and spoken. Printing Many hours of trial and error were needed to print files properly. This printer can print on a single sheet, in continuous forms, and on plastic.

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Add to Watch list. The rates are rounded to the nearest integer. Getting Help The manual is poorly written and full of errors and omissions.

Here is the dialogue to set up the Braille Blazer, creating a left margin of 2 for binding: The operation of the printer and its configuration menus is controlled by pressing one or more of its three buttons.

This amount is subject to change until you make payment. To the left side of the lid is a paper-advance rocker switch.

Braille Blazer Embosser | Alt+Shift

The three buttons on the right side are, from top to bottom: The actual rates achieved were as follows: Special Features The Blazer’s built-in speech synthesizer can also be used as a speech synthesizer for your computer. Where there are two choices—Rate Faster and Rate Slower, for example—they are separate menu items.


There is no mention of braille-translation software in the manual and thus no explanation of how the printer interacts with that software. Start of add to list layer. Diagnosing this problem is easy – the Blazer speaks and embosses the contents of your file at the same time. The times for two runs consistently came within a second of each other, and the average of the two is given next. Seller assumes all responsibility for this listing. The process proved to be inconsistent.

However, if you do not need to read the printer’s responses in braille, the configuration menus are easy to use; you can quickly move to the setting you want, choose only those menus you need to work with, back out part or all of the way, and even move back and forward through the various settings.

The paper sometimes jammed in the feeding process and during embossing.