Those remnants should be interesting to people reverse-engineering the VPU – e. The Broadcom YouTube page [18] has videos demonstrating the video processing capability, but their website only goes as far as providing product briefs. But with the code and documentation released now, you don’t need to use the OpenGL service provided by start. Privacy policy About eLinux. In general, open source works very well for folks who make hardware, because even if someone takes the design, they still have to spend money to actually construct it. Braun guest, [ Link ]. So far the other ARM graphic driver projects I’ve seen are all reverse-engineering efforts without the benefit of any vendor support:

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VideoCore chips can run complete applications – they are not simply video DSP chips that require a separate processor to supply and collect data. At least VC 4 e.

List Apple ‘s 5th generation iPod. And given the extreme cheapness of the Pi, exactly how are we all getting the shaft because Broadcom kept a couple card close to the vest?

Broadcom releases SoC graphics driver source

In all my years of programming machines in assembly language, I have never seen this form of justification. The userland libraries have been open-sourced!

Hence, it can be programmed in Assembly Language by definition. It has delivered an extremely affordable and pretty powerful computer into the hands of hobbyists, youngsters, hackers, engineers and thousands of other groups, and its open-source Raspbian operating system has brought a useful Linux environment to places we might once have thought impossible.


This subsystem is found in the Raspberry Pi processor, among others. If they were to open up the platform I know several places that would love to use it when teaching kids about hardware and software development.

Dispmanx is a windowing system in the process of being deprecated in favour of OpenWF or similarhowever dispmanx is still used in all API demos and it’s replacement may not yet be available.

Then they could actually talk about teaching kids something they actually couldn’t learn with just having access to a hand-cranked universal Turing machine. I intentionally set up my shell to have black background with green text to fideocore the look of the TRS monitor I got my start with.

VideoCore – Wikipedia

So yeah, Open Source is important. Learn how your comment data is processed. Forget the Stallmanite, Iceweasel nonsense then and think about your personal freedom and privacy. Updating it keeps it competitive so people don’t fret about being stuck on old technology. It does not need them, but they will eventually become available…. This is why you have to get approval to get the hardware documentation under an NDA Non-disclosure agreement.

As soon as the SRAM issue is understood – uboot might be the first step in the direction of a dual linux system with a total of 3 cores You can read about my project more — https: He liked my proposal for integrating a POCSAG pager module into the user experience for incoming messages and leaving the radio modem off at all times unless called by the audited for security FOSS OS to make an outgoing call, he said he might actually consider it for his first mobile phone.


Posted Mar 4, 7: At some point, developers and manufacturers need to be paid for their brosdcom or innovation comes to a crashing halt. Hacker News new comments show ask jobs submit. This conversation reminds me of http: The Raspberry Pi single board computer has been an astounding success since its launch nearly five years ago, to the extent that as of last autumn it had sold ten million units with no sign of sales abating.

Raspberry Pi VideoCore APIs

As such, we encourage you to edit this page to help us build much better open documentation. Archived from the original on 22 July It would be difficult in the near term.

Meanwhile, we look forward to future progress on this very interesting project. Whomever chose these colors is a good designer.

The VC4 Open-Source Driver Stack Will Work With The Raspberry Pi 3 – Phoronix

It depends really what you mean. What’s the difference between Tegra and other ARM chips? Not sure if there is a mmu on the vPU Heck… if a piece of hardware soucre firmware to operate, it can be programmed in Assembly Language or any language you fancy including brainfuck if you were so perverse. What other kind of blob is there?