Your drive is clicking now because you turned it on after it dropped. I had it plugged on my decoder after falling could it have affected more? Being on a budget with this type of problem is an issue because these recoveries usually involve repairs and its never cheap considering the clean room and engineer experience required to safely evaluate and recover these scenarios. They are their own beast, and most recoveries also require very expensive technology made specifically for HD repair. There are differences between Toshiba and Seagate. This is what you called as the real guide that helped me from fist to last how we can fix our dropped hard disk and at the same time take some effective steps that help me to save my important documents from getting lost.

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How To Fix a Dropped Hard Drive – READ FIRST

Laptop dropped, screen froze, did a cold shutdown. There is a limited value to the data on itsocost of attempted recovery is quite important.

Very helpful and should be easy to follow will give that a go later this weekend…I am sure this cleb be helpful to others too….

Note that the values themselves may vary depending on your drive model and the way the firmware interprets the values. I purchased two and one failed within a month. Thank you for your how to on opening the Toshiba 3tb drives. On my Mac, I can see the files but cannot access them or copy to a new computer.


I need ur help please. Thanks for the info but I nhd get it open… any chance of a video to show me? January 19, at 4: We all should listen to Caleb or myself, and not listen to Sert horror story and the first mistake blah blah blah, with all due respect. Regarding that, i have several question as follow: Once all the tabs separate enough it will just pop side by side and keep sticking more and more cards all around the case and then just life the top off.

Begin by identifying the bottom rear of the drive where the grille is the widest.

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Moving any of these parts unnecessarily or incorrectly will cause damage to the platter, the head slider, and make your data unrecoverable. So you can risk taking the chance and move the files off if there is small nhd of data you may get away with itbut to be safe- data recovery professionals have specific technology to preserve the condition of the drive as much as possible while recovering the files.

This also works for opening the 2tb model DWC For me hhd said that the hard drive of my storage is already destroyed…it might have dropped they say. Would I get an improvement in performance and would I have to remove my games and re install them there are an awful lot of them or would they be useable without having to re install this is the same PC that the drive has been connected to via USB. If your drive uses an external power supply that plugs into the wall, it is most certainly a 3.


After impact, the result can be likened to sticking your finger in a moving fan.

The value of concern in the comment was attribute 02, labelled Throughput Performance. I really would like to test with any AC adapter that has hhdd voltage and amp just to find out whether it is the AC adapter is defect.

They always send it out to a company like ours. Easily done with the dd command.

If your dropped hard drive is clicking or making other noises: Are there replacement boards for the Toshiba drive so I can use the old enclosure mine came apart easily and suffered very little damage? At first, she was able to open the files.

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August 22, at The effects of this I will need to confirm by experiment. June faleb, at 1: I was not able to try it on my laptop to check if it still working as I was about to go out and I brought it with me.

March 8, at 7: September 11, at 8: Also put in for a quote request here please: