They had too many products going at the same time and I felt that it led to a bit of confusion on the part of the consumer. Based simply on my own eyes, these clubs are doing exactly what Callaway claims. The good news with this driver is that it sounds good, especially on center strikes. Desmond Yeah, it is an accurate driver for sure… played yesterday and hit the fairway on 9 of the 13 holes I pulled driver. I hit the slider and it had no punch at all for me. Its not that I am looking for cheap equipment its more that I want something thats really good and not good just because its new and it felt good the first time i hit it or that it looks good. Where I start wondering is what’s the difference between the “S” and “N” settings.

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Callaway FT Optiforce Driver Review

Its not that I am looking for cheap equipment callawag more that I want something thats really good and not good just because its new and it felt good the first time i hit it or that it looks good. Appreciate the review, Tristan. Our golf club condition guide is as follows:. I recorded audio at the range of the OptiForce and a couple other drivers around me, and the sound of the OptiForce, even on mishits, was crisp and powerful.

Quite simply the shaft flex was just too soft in the driver.

Callaway FT Optiforce cc Driver Review (Review) – The Sand Trap

This golf club has been well used, but not abused. But, and of course critically, this is straight and forgiving for me, and no ballooning from the FlightScope confirmed that the head which is 3 grams lighter than the head launched 1 degree higher on average, generated 1. So, what are the differences? Most golfers know that so much goes into a proper fitting and the shaft plays a very large role. With that in mind, the FT OptiForce driver comes in two different head sizes — a cubic centimeter head designed for better players interested in a more penetrating ball flight and a cubic centimter head for players optiforec for more forgiveness and a higher launch.


For my swing, the was generating a whopping rpm more spin on average, which resulted in some serious balloons, less roll and 2 yards less carry. Its a long process that involves finding the right loft, lie and caklaway. In these series of articles, I will be taking you around the Emerald Isle providing you with great golf courses Just a note, for me its the oppossite, optiforce is straight like an arrow, sldr had the hights sound ever but not much of it resulted in distance.

A bigger deal for some golfers might be the G crowns.

Sorry, your blog cannot share posts callawau email. So, I would recommend people concerned that light and fast means out of control, should give it a demo first. As George loosened up, however, his slice turned into a gentle fade. The dispersion of the shots was pretty tight, even when hit off the heel or toe. Write a Review Rate This Product: Additionally, although the is obviously the same volume head as the x-hot, the face is noticeably smaller if you hold them up to each other, but at the same time I have found the Optiforce inspires great confidence of a center strike.


Hits off the toe only lost 1-to-2 mph of ball speed and the heel averaged a drop of 1 mph. The 1-handicap, former college golfer started his fitting with a TaylorMade M2 I wanted to get on a FlightScope launch monitor and run a series of tests with multiple different settings.

Please ship all trade-ins to:. The other is the Titleist Dwhich has one ring for loft and one for lie. The guy selling the shaft a had similar problem, except this shaft was too stiff for him.

I have the OptiForce driver and find it to be a great driver. Joe Golfer Aug 11, at 2: With the G, I launched my drives an average of 1. Callaways latest offerings are much better than the TaylorMade offerings.

Average This club has seen normal usage for an extended period of time, at least one season, has been well cared for, and is still in good used condition. I would like to give the Optiforce driver full marks as I do like playing with it, but a couple of things hold me back. Super low-spin drivers were all the rage at the time. This allowed Callaway to modify everything from the head size, moment of inertia, center of gravity position, weight and even bulge radius to produce optimal conditions across the loft options in each head.