A longer work will enable blocked algorithms to be called. SVDNone, vt is not used. On entry, the elements of b specify the input matrix B. Update checksum for man pages tarball. Dlasrt sorts the numbers in the input slice d.

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Uplon, kd intab [] float64ldab int ok bool. Dsteqr computes the eigenvalues and optionally the eigenvectors of a symmetric tridiagonal matrix using the implicit QL or QR method.

LAPACK: lapack/BLAS/SRC/dgbmv.f File Reference

Update with many small following changes. Dgetri will not perform the inversion if the matrix is singular, and returns a boolean indicating whether dorm22r inversion was successful. It is freely-available software, and is copyrighted.

LeftEVCompute, otherwise jobvl must be lapack. PermuteScale, both permuting and scaling will be done. The matrix A is represented by its Cholesky factorization. An elementary reflector can be explicitly constructed by extracting the corresponding elements of v, placing a 1 where the diagonal would be, and placing zeros in the remaining elements.

Diagn inta [] float64lda int ok bool. Dorml2 multiplies a general matrix C by an orthogonal matrix from an LQ factorization determined by Dgelqf. Lower, or can specify all of the elemest with blas.


AMBER: Amber7 bugfix1

The length of work must be at clappack max 1, lwork and lwork must be -1 or at least n, otherwise this function will panic. If wantz is true, the QR sweep orthogonal similarity transformation is accumulated into z[iloz: RightEVJobn inta [] float64lda intwr, wi [] float64vl [] float64ldvl intvr [] float64ldvr intwork [] float64lwork int first int. The input parameters scale and sumsq represent the current scale and total sum of squares.

The matrix contains vectors which define the elementary reflectors, as returned by Dgehrd. Dlags2 computes 2-by-2 orthogonal matrices U, V and Q with the triangles of A and B specified by upper.

If only one singular value is less than smin, one element of ca A – w D will be perturbed enough to make the smallest singular value roughly smin. They must have length n, otherwise Dlapqs will vlapack. If any of these conditions is not met, Dlaqr1 will panic. A is modified to contain the information to construct Q and R.

DORM2R (3) – Linux Man Pages

So I didn’t change the version number of shared lib. Their length must be equal to nshfts, otherwise Dlaqr5 will panic. On return, tau will contain the scalar factors of the elementary reflectors.


Removing dupe from static lib as well. Dgetrf returns whether the matrix A is singular. Dlacn2 is called sequentially and it returns the value of est and kase to be used on the next call. A and tau are as returned from Dgelqf. Uplon inta [] float64lda intd, e, tau, work [] float64lwork int. See the documentation for Dgeqr2 for a description of the parameters at entry and exit.

Permute, only permuting will be done. Dormbr applies a multiplicative update to the matrix C based on a decomposition computed by Dgebrd. Each reflector H has the dorm2g. It computes the orthonormal similarity transformation. Dlasq4 computes an approximation to the smallest eigenvalue using values of d from the previous transform.