How To Receive Warranty Service. However, Creative hasn’t made a quality jump yet, just an evolutionary one. That is why a signal coming from computer sound devices can be considered high-quality in regard to Hi-Fi and Hi-End equipment. Fortunately, quality of the soft MIDI synthesis of the Extigy is better than it was in the previous generations. We used the professional EgoSys WaveTerminal sound card as a signal source and receiver to obtain precise relative results and choose an optimal signal level applied to and read from the tested device. But anyway, for Creative soundcards you’d better choose 48 kHz for the digital output to avoid unnecessary resampling and problems of synchronization when a digital signal is transferred.

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Creative Labs Sound Blaster Extigy

Firstly, it’s an innovative and unique product. I recommend to repeat the experiment only to users who know radio electronics quite well. Creative Sound Blaster Extigy: With this software you can rip MP3s, organize your library, burn CDs, and run crazy sound effects. There are all sorts of nutty DSPs in the software.

The Extigy sounds good both in speakers and in headphones. This release will update the following software titles: The mic-in has an analog level regulator.

Creative Sound Blaster Extigy:

Unlike the Audigy which has a lot of different variations, the Extigy has only one modification. PC gaming, console gaming, music, movies, etc.

I also watched several movies in 5.


Frequency response 40 Hz – 15 kHzdB In the Windows ME the tested sample worked worse. The Audigy has a powerful operational amplifier to maintain the load when low-resistance headphones are connected. We estimated quality of positioning and reverberation in the Sensaura Player3D program. The sound was excellent creahive the speakers in both cases. On the other hand, Creative is proud of the fact that the Extigy uses all capabilities of the modern USB bus, and sound processing for example, CMSS which is a stereo virtualization for 5.

Creative Sound Blaster Extigy Review – IGN

Besides, there are some digital distortions in a signal from algorithms of mixing and sampling rate conversion SRC. It turns even the most tin-eared music fan into a pro DJ. The connected computer is therefore relieved of this unenviable task. You have connected Sound Blaster Extigy to your computer.

The sound is only as good as your speakers — I used my Klipsch ProMedia 5. If you need the IEEE and at the same time an external unit with the maximum number of different interfaces you’d better go with Audigy Platinum or Audigy Platinum eX.

Creative Soundblaster Extigy SB0130 Sound Blaster

Since this device has so many inputs creayive outputs, it’s only natural that it comes with no fewer than nine different applications to parse sb130 coming in and out: The central unit comes with a power supply unit, a wireless remote control, a USB cable to connect to a PC, a CD with drivers and programs and a brief installation manual in English. This is a 1-bit converter with oversampling and filtering. According to Creative, by the time of wide popularization of the USB 2.


Other than the Creative and Cambridge speakers mentioned above, the Extigy should be used with only surround-sound computer speakers since they have the correct analogue inputs.

The monitor will display big letters, and it will be easy to navigate. To decode a multichannel sound on a program level you soumd set the “6 speakers” mode. With stereo recordings, the button-accessible CMSS function can up-mix the stereo recordings to convincingly simulate surround sound.

You can use the CMSS with anything at all, and it sound pretty good for a proprietary system, but I know there will be some frowning Nintendo fans out there.

The Extigy is perfect for recording from an external source, but due to the latency caused by the USB cord, it’s only just passable for amateur musicians wanting to record multiple tracks of audio.

We have the same impression when we recorded in real conditions.

Upgrades the latest PlayCenter3 from previous PlayCenter from version 1. Overall, the Sound Blaster Extigy is a fine product that everyone who uses a computer for entertainment should consider. Hardware capabilities The Extigy uses a special chipset of the same name.