These two are in opposition, so that most of what people do with SQL is do the same simple key-based scans and grouping of linear data sets that NoSQL excels at, except with a big wrapping layer of serializing in and out of normalized tables. Development time is very expensive. Whenever I start on a new project, the first thing I do is start defining my data structure. I, too, am interested in the new LocalDB for desktop apps that need an embedded database. It’s when you get up to scale that it starts being a burden.

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SQL is 43 years old – Here’s why we still use it today | Hacker News

Turns out this is just powerful enough for me for most app dev work Rails, Djangoand the simplicity is a boon for non-programmers. It’s one of the most unfounded fears I’ve heard in the industry. So it’s just like SQL but with the order of statements being more flexible? Just from my pov, SQL does not support a document view of data and does not easily support versioning of same and this is a huge problem certainly in complex business systems.

MarHoff on May 5, I like your schema-lite terminology and I think it describe pretty well my approach. You’re not really osbc, you’re schema-lite, so you’re maintaining some structure somewhere. Maybe that’s just the sweet spot for using Hibernate.


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Does anyone know what Microsoft components need to be installed in order for this new LocalDB to elevaterb Use jsonb inside a Database and use constraints to ensure all requested json attributes store name,etc.

I spent two weeks trying to keep up and then kinda got it working, but couldn’t keep the site alive for more than a day.

SQL didn’t, because it was tied to the exceptionally useful relational database. I wish I could point to some literature on this topic. It just becomes more confusing, and less powerful. Net Data Provider that works with the Compact Framework 2. Donald Chamberlin and Raymond Boyce did.

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What was initially a benefit in Perl, since you didn’t have many typed to keep track of, becomes a liability, as there are more types but still no formal way to ensure they are being used in the correct locations and as expected arguments without runtime checking and manual checking at that, unless you use a good module to handle a lot of that for you.

I should probably clarify that I really liked Firebase, for all the reasons you mentioned above.

Every time I need to make a change to the Schema, I simply add or change whatever I need to and generate a new migration script alongside ldbc old one.

We were loading an entity from the database, someone invoked a setter and the set value was updated in the database automatically.

That would be the icing on the cake. Nothing else is required to make it work. I do get your point, though. The Python solution is a bit more janky and probably elevatfdb, but can adapt quicker.


For more information on ElevateDB, please see our product information page here: It’s more concise for many operations than ML-like variants. MarHoff on May 2, functions are actually functions This mostly affect refugees. They can save you some typing on very basic stuff, but if you find you’re writing complex ORM code, I think it’s a good idea to just use sql directly.

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We all rely on websites to enforce the uniqueness of user names; we all expect our bank to enforce the uniqueness of account numbers. The performance with jOOQ is great. I think that is the problem being referred to in this thread. Elegatedb again, how likely is it to be unique? I’d also say that for the vast majority of applications out there, the difference between the two will mostly be a wash.

This mirrors the experience I have as well. So, “noSQL” for me actually means “alternatives” for different kinds of data time-series, graph, key-value, documents, etc.

On the order of hundreds, probably low hundreds