Releasing the latch levers locks the cut-sheet feeder in place. They may vary in appearance from what actually appears on your screen; however, the instructions are the same. It is off when the N side of the switch is pressed down. Skip over perforation This feature is available only when continuous paper is selected. You can also change settings on the Utility menu in the printer driver.

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Epson LQ-1150 User Manual

printe The paper- thickness lever is on the left side of the printer. Using the Printer Software Printing On Special Paper Printing on Special Paper Your printer can also print on a wide variety of paper types, including multipart forms, labels, cards, and envelopes. Attaching the paper supports You should install the paper supports before you begin using the printer. Paper type Lever position Standard paper single-sheet or continuous Page Multipart Forms Multipart forms You can use continuous or shingle-sheet carbonless multipart forms of up to four parts one original plus three copies.

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Make sure that the print head is in position at 10 cm 4 inches from the left side as shown below. Contacts for information, support, and services are: Printing with the default settings uses the settings stored in the printer.


Important Safety Instructions Read all of these safety instructions before using the printer. Using the Printer Driver with Windows Me, 98, and 95 You can access the printer driver from your Windows applications or from the Start menu. This setting determines how long the printer waits when it no longer receives data from an interface before it checks whether a print job is being sent through the other interface. Printing with the pull tractor To load continuous paper using the pull tractor, you must move the tractor to the pull tractor position, as described in steps 1 through 3 in this procedure.

To separate the incoming paper from the printed paper, attach the paper guide.

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Using The Serial Interface Using the serial interface You need a serial cable that has a DB male connector on the printer side to use the serial interface.

The following settings are available: Paper type Lever position Standard paper single-sheet or continuous. Adjusting the top-of-form position The top-of-form position is the position on the page where the printer starts printing. Slide the left edge guide to the center until it stops at the guide mark. Contacting Customer Support Download: Before you print on the forms, set the paper thickness lever as described in the previous section.


The maximum paper width is Connect your epsonn to the desired interface as described below. If the paper feeds before you can adjust its position to your satisfaction, you can increase the wait time.

Position the paper using the scale on the printer as a guide. Reinstall the paper tension unit.

Reinstall and close the printer cover. Removing a printed document from the push tractor. Chapter 4 Troubleshooting Using the Error Indicators.

Location All Pune Mumbai map list available at address price. To separate the incoming paper from the printed paper, attach the paper guide. Cut the leading edge of the roll paper straight across.

Slide the left edge guide until it locks in place at the guide mark.