Unfortunately Time Machine creates journaled partitions on a drive whether they have been formatted as Mac OS Extended journaled or not so these are now located on one of the Samsung Spinpoint F1 GB drives. Next time try to open the drive icon on the desktop vs running another app – just to see if the drive is in sleep mode. Does it use the chipset as the SI card does? These drives include, but are not limited to: And we’re not alone – some other owners especially of JMB based cards in SL have seen this problem.

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All files then successfully verified.

Let me know if you need any more info. Also, if I let the drive spin down I’m in the same boat. The support of Silicon Image gives no detail about it.

To save space here see the Oct. Inserting the card brings up the Iii menu bar item, which shows “Unknown Vendor”. But often I am not there and use an fast portable disk via eSata card.

MacBook Pro owner reports on ExpressCards

See any errors on this page? I just found out that I can’t make a bootable Striped Raid volume on the DP because the chipset in the Express34 card doesn’t support bootability according to Sonnet’s email to me. I have a FYI asking to check for this in the feedback request section belowbut it’s clearly often missed so I’ve made that note RED text to get more attention.


My backups are on the RAID system, silly me for using a redundant error-correcting system for my sqta. SL reports a failure and it cannot finish installing. There also laccie an “r5” version for cards with RAID5 support. My machine sees the card but it doesn’t ecpresscard the installed driver. I’d tend to doubt it affects that, but welcome confirmation. I just don’t trust the JMB card anymore.

Expresscard/34 port not working after macOS High Sierra update

I installed my brand new copy of Snow Leopard this morning and everything was fine until I tried to plug my external gb Western Digital drive via my Dynex ExpressCard. They point me to their website for a This is necessary for the program I am using. Try OS X The second new customization is expanded support for Apple OS storage, with added target mode and removable media support.

It’s fast, recognizes port multipliers well, and the ports are snug enough that cables stay put. But when I booted back up to my sxta drive it no longer worked. I guess the Silicon driver pacie not the only expressdard that will need update. The other two enclosures worked fine. I did have to re-install the driver.


Sonnet USB ExpressCard|34 – YNZAL | We fuel creativity.

No promises that this any of this will be the same for you, but here’s how the problem expresscafd corrected for me. I was hoping for a larger sample of Tiger users, but as Leopard has been out since late Oct.

After reading all of this my heart just sank. So, looks like that’s the driver you need if you have 4 Gigs of Expresxcard and are running Corruption includes copy issues, integrity issues, and eventually un-repairable drive that can’t be written to, but I can read data from. When I got the first kernel panic, I restarted the machine and the SATA drive on the card showed as disk0 and the internal drive showed as disk1.

Exprssscard installed the Sonnet Tempo 1. I haven’t woken up from my dream so far, but I’ll keep you posted as any news develop.

Not in 32bit or 64bit environs.