Does the Logitech unifying receiver remember pairings across different computers or do you have to set it up for each system? I have never encountered a keyboard, wired or wireless, that did not work with Linux. Logitech Wireless Touch Keyboard K It seems as if it sees the key-down but misses the key-up event. If you need to reset your password, click here.

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However, I mostly see it only when using Midori. I think we can definitively say that the K works with linjx Pi out of the box, albeit with occasional sticky keys and missed clicks.

You are commenting using your WordPress. If you have tried a K with your Pi, please post in this thread and vote in the poll to let the community know what your set up is, what level of success you’ve had, and if you had to work any Linux magic to achieve it.

Yes, but occasionally have to click the buttons more than once. Then maybe we can come to some sort of consensus and update the Verified Peripherals page on eLinux, and avoid having people buying keyboards that aren’t compatible.

I would heartily recommend this keyboard. The only thing I can think of was maybe using it on a Windows computer first may have messed it up to use it with Pi as well? Unifying Receiver Device Descriptor: Originally Posted by ondoho.


Does it work for Thu Jun 14, 7: Don’t logitfch what happen with flylikeahorse. Hello, I have installed Debian9 on 2 pc at home, went through the installation menues. Does it work for Thu Jul 05, However, very often, when using the touchpad the cursor freezes for a second and then jumps to a different position and freezes again and jumps again, making it uncontrolable. Originally M400 by ondoho Code: Ubuntu Forums Code of Conduct.


Any linud would be appreciated! Visit the following links: Something like this Doesn’t have to be this brand. February 29th, k00. You are commenting using your Twitter account.

How To Ask Questions The Smart Way If your question has been answered, please mark your thread as [Resolved]use the flair drop-down on your submission to do so! Worked ootb with no setup needed. It worked fine on a lotitech machine, but the Ubuntu box would never work correctly. It seems as if it sees the key-down but misses the key-up event.

The keyboard works fine with no sticky keys or lost touchpad input on a regular Linux-based PC, but sticky keys are extremely common on the Raspberry Pi to the point of the keyboard being almost completely unusable.

Bookmarks Bookmarks Digg del. If you already have it, just try it with a live Linux distribution and find out for yourself.


The keyboard and track pad also work in Quake3 although the logiech pad is less than ideal for blowing away the baddies. I replaced batteries, ran a USB cable onto the desk less than 12″ from the mouse and keyboardreconnected by strobing the power buttons, but it never lasted. On occasion I would get a sticky key, press the ‘k’ once and multiple ‘k’s’ would appear on screen.

The key shows up as “, and the key shows up as UK Pounds as in money.

Debian 9 how to setup the logitech Kr keyboard correctlz to QWERTZ _

Originally Posted by jefro. I have that exact keyboard for my Linux media center. KR keyboard worked perfectly with a Win-7 laptop and shortly also that, once the USB-socket was transported to it, also on a Ubuntu pc, but only until a system reboot, which returned the English layout settings.

Both keyboard and touch pad appear to work fine, and I only noticed one ‘sticky’ key occurrence, which could have been my fault anyway.