If Expansion Units available, an update of the IO Modules must done before you start the update of the controller. Note that the FTP server name is specific to the Galaxy you are working on. The task completed with an exit code of 2. Downloaded firmware is version Valid Boot Firmware File Downloaded boot firmware is ready to be flashed. Each file loaded creates one dataset in the history.

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Problems in the first step working with your loaded data? If your account is not connecting properly when using these tools in Galaxy, resetting the token is the first thing to try when troubleshooting. The default IP address of the first controller is This is by default the URL of the server. After the upload is maxdataa press y to start the update Copyright?

Information about the available hard disks can be found in maxdzta Web GUI.

Is the problem the dataset format or the assigned datatype? Connect to the web GUI see 1.


Disk drives must not be inserted, removed or powered off during the download. Note that the FTP server name is specific to the Galaxy you are working on.

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Continue steps for Controller 1 Data is loaded using the tools in the Get Data tool group. If necessary, use the other controllers connection for administration.

Is Cologic good vs Google,Microsoft and Amazon services? You can see in the task manager if the service account is executing the batch file.

Click on Upload and Close the window after upload Abb. The GUI is not accessible during an update of a controller. A bootrom update is only possible over a serial connection.

After update about 2 minutes click on About to check for correct firmware version Continue only if you have a connected expansion unit Track this discussion and email me when there are updates.

Ask the data source. It is recommended to use the SR Firmware Package 2. Only good for very small datasets. Disconnect the hyperterminal session and update the properties of the connection to Shutdown Controller 1 and after a while remove controller 1 top For the public Main Galaxy instance at http: Firefox or Internet Explorer. The update procedure is the same as for the controller 3.


Open a hyperterminal session bps: If you are having problems with this method, try FTP. Before you use newer packages, it is strongly recommended to read the Release Notes.

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GS OpenID tokens can become stale over time. Check with local admin if not sure. Click on Frp Configuration and download the configuration file with click on Save. Shutdown and remove Controller 1 If you are having trouble connecting the first time after this date, verifying the server certificate is required when using an FTP client.