The Minilab operator identifies the request with the request ID. This information is sent periodically to the DPS Server. Otherwise the Kiosk may give back the customer the wrong change. If it is unchecked, the system will not print any ticket and the customer will not have a receipt. Detail of payments grouped by Payment Mode types. Press the Updates button in the Main Monitor window. Press the Run Update button.

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The operator must check that the Request ID and the total amount on the ticket match the onscreen info.

The Minilab operator must periodically delete cp950dw-s requests from the shared folder 7. User — Managing Albums: There is no possibility of changing this information manually. It is published by Mitsubishi Electric Patch It is a change to the current version to apply improvements or solve bugs.

Once this service has been made and paid for the customer gets the payment ticket that indicates the request ID.

Mitsubishi CP9500DW Digital Photo Thermal Printer

CD Burning speed can be selected. This means that neither the size nor the resolution of any picture with a file size below 2. Clicking on each element of the list brings up additional alert information.

Personalize the web album area by Customer. Thus, the currency of the Kiosk will be the one configured in the Coins and Notes acceptors.


Mitsubishi CPDW Printer (CPDW) – FotoClub Inc

DPS application associated with the request. From the Administration Web Site, the Supervisor can modify the shop information, configure Remote Job services, see production statistics etc. If the picture cannot be transmitted, place your device closer to the reader Kiosk will inform about the total received pictures and will preview the last one received. In Status Message the user has detailed information on the hardware device. The album password must be entered and the NEXT button cp9500de-s.

The system drive and path are indicated in the Source and Path columns respectively The sources are the default cp950dw-s predefined for the Kiosk system drives and mitsubisyi is no need to change them unless it is absolutely necessary. The services offered from the Photo Web Album site are: They are always in JPEG format. Rename pictures and albums and share albums by sending an email to someone Select [My Albums] and then the ‘ manage album’option The user can modify the Album and Photo properties.

When c9p500dw-s change of coin is made in cp99500dw-s Hopper the amount set in the Hopper must match the value of coins contained, since the Kiosk will record this difference as another payment record. The Minilab operator identifies the request with the request ID.

Cash totals to collect. Maximum value is recommended. Operator Manual Browsing statistics The administrator tool provides a set of services to view and extract statistics about the Kiosk activity and alerts.


Total amount loaded into the Hoppers by an operator. NOTE After counting the hopper coins, the amount will not be increased with the coins counted, the final amount will be directly the result of this count. Service Banner It is possible c;9500dw-s customize the banners that show different pictures while jobs are processed.

This value is the maximum file size that can be sent over the LAN connection.

Lines containing the status column with a zero value mean the kiosk is up and running, whereas values other than zero imply that the device is not working properly. When the Kiosk displays a Warning or Critical error Status on any device this icon is also shown on the customer’ s main screen.

Flash and Banner options Main screensaver appears after some time of inactivity. The application or device cannot work due to an error Initialization.

At least one copy must be requested to continue to next cp9500ds-s. The parameters to be changed are shown below, step by step. If the service has been configured correctly it will prompt the user to provide the necessary data for the subsequent delivery. The years and languages will depend on the installed Calendar packages.