Use this function key to obtain context-sensitive help for the cursor-resident area. Header Area This area provides static information text, which is typically the product title and version. The Adapter Properties option allows you to view and modify adapter settings. Indicates whether an adapter in the boot list was enabled during the most recent boot. To modify this field, access the Boot Adapter List Menu. To add an adapter to the boot list, press Insert while on the Boot Adapter List.

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Its sources for Linux systems are available but the license is not specified. The following capabilities can be queried and modified by the target driver: Use the arrow keys to select the desired adapter and press Enter to add it to the end of the Boot Adapter List.


It will log a ligne to syslog when something failed and will send you a mail. This feature is configured with the mpxio-disable property in the mpt.

Format Allows low-level formatting on a disk drive if enabled. Indicates whether to scan for LUNs greater than zero for a pmt. The driver attempts to eliminate this problem by disabling wide SCSI mode.


LUN 0 is always queried. This Document Entire Library. To verify all sectors, press Enter.

FreeBSD Manual Pages

Spinup Delay Secs Indicates the number of seconds to wait between spinups of devices attached to an xcsi. This option sets the default value for synchronous and wide negotiations with specified devices.

The following messages may appear during the boot process: The untagged-qing capability is always enabled and its value cannot be modified. Currently the BIOS does not use queue tags. Boot Order Indicates the relative boot order of an adapter.

Specifies Interrupt 40 usually required can be disallowed. Indicates whether an adapter in the boot list was enabled during the most recent boot. Management and reporting tools 3. However don’t expected verbose output. Many thanks to them for good work! A value of 0 disables this feature.

Here is an example: To select an adapter, use only the arrow keys. The Global Properties option allows changes to global scope settings.


Somes seems to be required dependencies.

The default value is No with an alternate option of Yes. Throughout the graphical user interface provided with this configuration utility, all selections that are not permissible are grayed out.

LSIFusionMPT – HWraid

Linux kernel drivers 3. The driver attempts to eliminate this problem by reducing the data transfer rate.

A second data transfer hang was detected for this target. Here is an example of the Adapter Properties Menu:. Below the header area, the Boot Adapter List and Global Properties options are available for you to configure their host adapters.

mpt – man pages section 7: Device and Network Interfaces

The Boot Adapter List option shows the adapter boot order. This property delays the offlining of a device until the timer has expired. Indicates whether an adapter has NVM associated with it.